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Happy Is the Bride

Author: Caroline Clemmons
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed by: JaToya Love

CoverHappy Is The Bride is the story of sweet Beth Pendleton and hunky Mason Whittaker. Beth is the unmarried daughter of two wealthy, status conscious parents. Mason is the son of a close, loving family. The basic premise of Happy Is The Bride is that Beth has been engaged three times and each time something unusual happened to stop the wedding, leading the people in Beth’s town to view her as jinxed.

Well, when you have a small town, and people who consider Beth stuck up like her parents, rather than take the time to realize that she’s a person with feelings too, you get gossip. And for three years Beth has been the butt of mean spirited gossip. No one believes she’ll ever marry, not even her own parents. And they spend quite a bit of time telling each other so, whether Beth is in earshot or not.

So, as the result of a bet made with her cousin that she could marry if she wanted to, Beth turns to the one person she can trust to never let her down, no matter what, Mason Whittaker.

Mason has loved Beth for years. He has suffered agony through each and every one of Beth’s engagements and a secret, guilty relief when each one ended without the expected nuptials. Needless to say, when Beth proposes to Mason, he leaps at the chance, thinking Beth has finally realized that she loves him.

Both are thrilled about the upcoming wedding, each believing things are finally working out for them. However, when the wedding day arrives, it’s one disaster after the other.

Okay, here’s my take. Happy Is The Bride is a pretty good tale. I was immediately sympathetic to the heroine and I fell totally in love with the hero. What aggravated me were the secondary characters. I wanted to bash a few of them upside their heads. And the fact that Beth just didn’t seem to have it in her to stand up for herself and tell the gossip mongers to shove their stories where the sun don’t shine made me want to shake her as well. There is such a thing as taking sweetness and light too far.

Happy Is The Bride is the story of a woman who needs to be understood and loved and the man who does both. The story has a few areas of character and plot development that could have been tightened up a bit. Since this is a novella, most of that could be excused as lack of space, but a few things could have been indulged a bit more, just to satisfy my need for revenge if for no other reason. When a person finally gets their comeuppance, I want to be able to enjoy it. And I’m not telling who. Go get the book and find out for yourself.

Mason’s one character quirk was his temper, which he tended only to indulge when someone said something against Beth. Venting his temper and fighting was how he’d ended up with a crushed leg and a limp when he was a kid, so he works hard to keep it leashed. As far as I was concerned, it was a non-issue, and too much time was spent emphasizing it. His father lectured him on it instead of dealing with the real issue; that Mason was standing up for the woman he loved. Therefore, if you wanted to avoid a fight, don’t rag on Beth. Sounds pretty simple to me.

What made Happy Is The Bride is the ending, which is true for most romance novels. Obviously, the ending was a happy one, but when I closed the window Happy Is The Bride was open in, I was thrilled for Beth and Mason and assured that wherever in storyland they are, they’re living the life they deserve.


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